blazer bowl


A portable heated bowl that is suited for all ages in all places.

Our company is a state of the art service to children at schools.

We heat up food for children by a bowl that heats itself.

You must snap and shake the packets to 

start the heating process.

But the  packets are reusable and they are environmentally friendly.

We wish to help feed the kids of our future.


Our hard working administration keeps the employees on task and oversees the company. Also works on business related objectives.



The marketing department team works together to promote and maximize the sales of our product by advertising.

graphic design

Our department of graphic design is hard working to make great and exquisite designs to satisfy a company and employees eye. We create visually appealing logos and websites etc.

human recources

Our department of human resources, we ensure that the company is flowing properly. We grade the students, create seating charts, and make sure everyone is informed on upcoming topics.

accounting and finance

Our department of accounting and finance ensure that our company stays on track financially. We make sales projections, order forms, and we pay our employees.


We are located in Pioneer Middle School, Cooper City Florida. We easily communicate and are great at teamwork. We are smart, hardworking, and are experts in many different sites.

Many people every day bring lunch to their school, workplace or out on a small trip. Most of the time their lunch ends up room temperature or even cold at times. With the blazer bowl you will have a hot lunch no matter what the weather is like outside or how long you leave your meal unattended.


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